Martindale ,Texas

4th of July 2017

Come and Join the Family Fun!

This parade began in 1996 with the Latham and King family just deciding to have a parade. They were prepared for the River Night Parade in San Marcos but it was cancelled because the river was too low.  We took the “birthday cake” decoration and put it on our trailer.  There were 3 or 4 convertibles and we just had a parade.  Some of us rode and others were spectators.  The next year some folks called and ask if we were doing the parade again and the rest is history.  There has been a parade every year since.

Anyone can be in the parade they just need to take Bowie off Lockhart Street. When they get to a place where there is a float, a bike, a car or maybe even a mower in front of them they are in line.  The children will gather on Main Street at the telephone company.  They lead the parade but stop at the Three Rivers Church.  The rest of the parade will go down Lockhart Street to Bowie and over to Johnson and back to Main Street.  People wanting to be in the parade need to be in line by 9:30.

If their float has a group like a group of kids we ask they gather in the Catholic Church parking lot with the parents parking across the street. This is for safety reasons.  We don’t won’t little ones walking down Bowie nor do we want cars trying to drive down if they are not in the parade.

There will be some booths on Main Street across from the Library. The booths will open at 9:00 and anyone wanting to know more about the booths just needs to call the City Office.  Should anyone need information about the parade they should call me: 512-357-6140

Hays County Burgers and BBQ

 Tuesday – Thursday 11am – 8pm

Friday – Saturday 11am – 9pm


Allen Bates River Park sign refinished by

Native Furniture Works




CITY COUNCIL WORKSHOP – June 27, 2017 – 7:00pm

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City of Martindale

Employment opportunities

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Grounds Maintenance


 Want to make a difference?

       City Council Place 2

      is open for appointment on

    July 11, 2017    City Council Meeting

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Application can be picked up at City Hall, 409 Main Street, Martindale, Texas, e-mailed request call 512-357-2639, website at martindaletexas.org, or mailed to 409 Main St., Martindale, Texas, 78655, Attn:  City Clerk. 

Completed application must be in the City Clerk’s Office by 3:00 p.m. on June 27, 2017.


The City of Martindale

City of Martindale

Ordinance makes the results of the May 2017 elections official

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